The Mind Brain Behaviour Hive


Powered by the latest in wearable computing-affective sensing technology and state of the art brain science, The Mind Brain Behaviour Hive is a research, development, design and deployment lab for pioneering new interventions in learning and behavioral transformation.

By developing technologies, devices, applications, interventions and learning platforms, our aim is to articulate, uncover, map and validate basic mechanisms of learning and adaptive behavioural change and deploy them in the design of Education 2.0.

Remote Sensing & Precision Feedback

Through the use of psycho-physiological remote sensing, we are now able to inform the learner and the learning facilitator the states of learner’s brain and body, helping each identify how the learner feels, what she sees and attends into, how she breathes, how nervous she might be, as well as what makes her nervous and how conscious she is of what makes her nervous at a point in time.

The resulting platform helps us identify mechanisms for learning and behavioural change that are both grounded in basic neuroscience and deployable to create better learning vehicles.



The Mind Brain Behaviour Hive (MBBH) is a trans-disciplinary enterprise drawing together researchers, developers and pedagogues from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Faculty of Music and the Rotman School of Management – as well as leading researchers from other universities.

This distributed problem-solving environment was created to address head-on, the challenge of accelerating human learning and enhancing human adaptivity.